We're here for the pet parents. We help you choose natural products for you and your fur babies. Come, learn, sit & stay. We don't mind you're covered in dog hair, we get it.



The majority of us pet parents want nothing but THE BEST when it comes to our pets. We shop for top of the line food, toys, chews, flea medication, doctors, pet insurance and on and on! We often don’t stop to look at the Natural solutions because quite frankly... there isn’t an expert to advise us on it. You have to search high and low for veterinarians that offer homeopathic products and I’ve yet to find one that isn’t a VERY small office and more expensive than your typical vet. Supply and Demand ami’right?

You NEED these products because the Young Living Seed to Seal promise, promises that they will not ever sell an oil that doesn’t meet its excruciatingly high standards. They will throw out an ENTIRE vat of essential oils if one parameter is off. Does that mean that sometimes our favorite things go out of stock? Yes! Are we okay with it? 100%! You can confidently buy Young Living oils knowing science backs up their results.

They’ve been pioneering the process for over 25 years (as of 2019!) and they’re the only oil company to have a machine that takes 3 years to calibrate.. so they're already ahead of the game and crushing it.

The Young Living standards are so high, you will not have to worry about using the products on you or your furry friends. It’s 100% legit – 100% plant oil and 100% NO FILLERS. You want Peppermint?! Get ready for 110% pure ass peppermint to freshen up your coffee breath!

 I know I’m not the only one guys.


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